3 Health Benefits Of Outdoor Cooking
The health trend has entered the barbecue market
The times when barbecuing was only about big chunks of meat on a filthy grill are long behind us. Vegetables, Fruits and Fish have found their way to outdoor cooking.

No wonder that outdoor kitchens are booming and consumers worldwide have started to pay more attention to preparing balanced meals outdoors. 


Increased health consciousness is unmistakable, but what exactly are the benefits of outdoor cooking?


1. Healthy Cooking Techniques

In an outdoor kitchen, cooking is about much more than traditional grilling.

New concepts are ideally suited to experiment and vary with cooking techniques.

With OFYR one uses a plancha-style cooking method, where there is no direct contact with the fire, smoke or burnt fat. The large cooking surface on the plancha allows preparing whole meals, including side dishes, all at the same time.


OFYR Classic 100 In Corten Steel - on the hot plate, there is no direct contact with the flames or smoke, with vegetable oil, one can prepare a multitude of dishes.

- 1 895,00 €

OFYR Tabl’O, our table plancha-grill, uses the same cooking techniques. All potential risks of chemical briquettes are eliminated as OFYR Tabl'O is fueled by sustainable coconut briquettes.

- 379,00 €


2. More Variation in the diet

OFYR has launched an app, in which people can select the type of meal they want to prepare, at any moment of the day, whether it be vegetables, fruit, fish or meat.

OFYR Club members are offered inspiration to be creative and step off the beaten track. This transforms outdoor cooking into a full culinary experience.


3. Beneficial for mental health

It is no secret that spending time outdoors has plenty of benefits, both physically and mentally. On a physical level it results in vitamin D intake and mentally it is known for its mood-boosting, anxiety-reducing and stress-relieving effect.

With OFYR, people gather around the fire. The social character of this group activity outside, is proven to relief stress.

So if your weekend plans involve a bicycle ride that ends with a great healthy lunch around the fire with friends, you are well on your way towards a healthier lifestyle.