Compact, efficient and elegant: OFYR Tabl’O is the ideal Table Grill for cooking healthy and delicious meals for 2-6 people. OFYR Tabl’O is made out of black-coated steel and rests on a heat resistant board. It will be delivered with a Quickstarter and handy Tool to turn over the cooking plate as well as to open or close the air vents. Take more time to simply be together and share a taste of the good things in life.

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* The Tabl'O is not suitable for use on plastic or glass tables. Bear in mind that the appliance gives off considerable heat.
* Clean immediately after use and store inside. Easy to clean with ice cubes and then rub with greasy cloth.
* Use only a coconut briquettes. Not suitable for use with charcoal.
* Will maintain temperature for 2-3 hours with 16-20 coconut briquettes.
* With the supplied tongs, you can turn the plate from a flat side to the side with the grill pattern.
* Before starting and during cooking, the air vents must be open at all times.


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Weight Plate 4,3 kg
Diameter Plate 39,5 cm
Dimensions Ø46,5x12 cm
Material Black Coated Steel
Total weight 17 kg
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