How do I maintain the quality of the snuffers and covers?
  • We strongly advise against placing any of our covers, the Snuffer 85, 100 & XL and the Cover 85 and 100 alike, on their sides on hard surfaces. The edges of all of our covers are relatively thin, and when the covers are placed on their sides, these edges are forced to bear a considerable weight; the resulting pressure will cause the coating to come off relatively easily.
  • The coating may discolor due to weather and sunlight. The best way to avoid such discoloration as much as possible is to treat the snuffers and covers from time to time with wax. Also, the wooden knob should be treated with wax in order to avoid the wood to dry out. If the cover has discolored, you could treat it with stove polish.
  • Unlike the Snuffers 85 and 100, the Covers 85 and 100 are not intended to be used to extinguish fires, only to protect the cooking plate. If you use these covers to extinguish fires, they may warp considerably.
  • Water will collect on both the snuffers and covers as a consequence of rain. This water should be removed in order to avoid/slow down possible corrosion.
  • With stronger winds it is possible that the cover blows away from the OFYR cooking unit. The cover should be removed in that situation.