Material Black-coated Steel Corten Steel
After cooking Clean the surface with a cloth Oil the base after cooking
Maintenance* More susceptible to small damages Oil splatters after cooking
Available models Almost all, except for the OFYR XL and Trailer All cooking units and furniture

*Maintenance can differ on frequency of use, weather conditions and/or other outside influences. 


Corten vs Black

There's no accounting for taste. Which OFYR model you choose is highly personal and depends on your vision for your outdoor space. It's not always easy to choose between the OFYR Corten and the OFYR Black units, as both colours have a timeless design. This guide highlights the main differences between the two materials to help you choose the right unit for your garden. 



The Corten Steel models fit into almost any outdoor space, because the material gives the units a natural and elegant appearance. Corten is the material to choose when you want the cooking unit or furniture to blend into its surroundings. 

Since all OFYR cooking units are meant for outdoor use, they will rust naturally. Oil splatters can also leave marks on the Corten Steel base, which can't be removed. By oiling the base after cooking, the splatters will blend into the new oil layer. This will darken the base, but this does result in a more classic look and feel over time.


With their chic and stylish design, the Black models are a popular choice for more modern and simplistic gardens. When combining multiple units, the outdoor space will have a sleek finish, with each unit adding an element of design. 

Almost all cooking units and furniture are available in black-coated steel, with the exception of the OFYR XL and the OFYR Trailer. In the PRO Collection, the units can be combined with a teak handlebar or wooden inserts. 

The black-coated steel is a tad more susceptible to small damages, such as scratches, meaning that the units require a little more maintenance. OFYR supplies a Correction Kit with every Black-coated steel model, so users can easily fix small blemishes at home.