Cooking with OFYR is easy and very diverse. The multifunctionality of OFYR allows for many different cooking techniques. Let us give you some inspiration.

What is the best oil to use for your OFYR?

Oil is an essential element when it comes to cooking. On OFYR it is best to use vegetable oil. During the first times of use we recommend olive oil, because it gives the cooking plate a nice dark hue. After that it is better to use an oil with a higher combustion rate like groundnut oil.

Our oil can is easy to use and allows you to measure just the correct amount of oil for the best cooking results.

Creating temperature zones on your OFYR

Once you've got the fire of your OFYR burning properly, spread out the hot coal mass under the edges of the cooking plate. Depending on the weather conditions and the outdoor temperature, the cooking plate will reach a temperature of around 300 °C on the inner edge and around 200 °C on the outer edge.

You can push the hot coals from one side to another, to create warmer and colder zones of the cooking plate. You can use one side to keep food warm and the other to continue grilling.

In addition, the cedar wood planks are ideal for regulating temperatures. When using them, the temperature is more or less halved. This is ideal for slow cooking and/or keeping the food warm.

Cooking with the OFYR Grill Accessories

The sturdy two-piece OFYR Grill Round is ideal for cooking large cuts of meat on your OFYR cooking unit. Place the grill and its stand directly over the flames for a chargrilled taste.

Convert your OFYR 100 or XL into a Brazilian churrasco-style barbecue with the Brazilian Grill Set of 3 skewers and a unique steel ring. The skewers with wooden handles allow slow cooking of meat, fish and vegetables directly over the fire.

The OFYR Horizontal Skewer Set of three stainless steel skewers (for 85, 100 and XL models) with wooden handles is for real barbecue fans. Placed over an OFYR cooking unit’s fire, the stand with a notched stainless steel ring is just the right height for meat and vegetables to cook to perfection.

Baking with the OFYR Pizza Oven

In this video we have explained how to use the OFYR Pizza Oven on your OFYR Cooking Unit.

Bring Italy to your garden with a pizza oven! The OFYR Pizza Oven consists of a double-sided cast iron plate, a pizza stone placed on top of the cast iron plate and a double steel cloche with the outside rotating around the inside, as well as a pizza shovel. This product can be used for the OFYR 85 and 100.

Cooking with the OFYR Rotisserie Set

In this video we have explained how to use the OFYR Rotisserie Set on your OFYR Cooking Unit.

For the real barbecue fanatic is the spit a must. There is no better feeling than cooking large pieces of poultry and meat with a spit above the fire. This set is offered for the OFYR 85 and 100.

Using the Cast Iron Accessories on the OFYR Tabl'O

In this video, we have explained how to use the OFYR Cast Iron Accessories on your OFYR Tabl'O.

This set makes the OFYR Tabl'O table grill a complete outdoor cooking set. The set consists of a sleek cast iron pan with a lid with a diameter of 21 cm, a cast iron grill holder with a loose cast iron grill grid, on which the pan fits exactly, and 4 wooden spatulas to scrape the plate clean with.

Discover the versatility

Learn about the many possibilities of products & dishes you can cook on your OFYR and be amazed by the endless versatility.