Our products are of high quality, using only the best materials. The products require only little maintenance, and the products are strong and durable.


Maintenance of Corten steel base

While cooking oil splashes may form stains on the base. On the Corten steel bases these stains cannot be removed. However, the entire Corten steel base can be treated with oil using a kitchen towel making the stains invisible. Such treatment will make the entire base darker.
When it rains, slightly greasy water may run off the Corten base, which may permanently stain light-toned stone or wooden surfaces.

Maintenance of the Corten Steel Cone

To prevent the cone from getting clogged, the ashes need to be removed after every use. If wed ash is left for a too long period in the cone or if the OFYR Cooking Unit is in a very wet or salty region, steel chips may form on both the inside and outside of the Corten steel cones. These chips can easily be removed with the spatula.

Maintenance of the Black products

Although the coating of the Black Cooking Units is very strong, it is always possible that scratches will occur. Therefore with every Black Cooking Unit a touch up bottle comes for free, which can be used to repair minor damage.

Maintenance of the concrete

The Concrete base has been treated with wax in order to make the surface shiny. Due to weather and sunlight this shiny appearance will disappear over time. Therefore the Concrete comes with additional wax to make the base shiny again.

Maintenance of the cooking plate

The cooking plate is made of black steel and will corrode if oil is not properly baked into it. Once the oil has properly been baked in, only minor corrosion will develop. When the cooking plate is not used for longer periods of time, we recommend treating it with oil every 15-30 days. Because treating a cold cooking plate with cooking oil does not work too easily, using a spray bottle with pan coating is more efficient.

Maintenance of the Snuffers and Covers

The coating may discolor due to weather and sunlight. The best way to avoid such discoloration as much as possible is to treat the snuffers and covers from time to time with wax. Also, the wooden knob should be treated with wax in order to avoid the wood to dry out. If the cover has discolored, you could treat it with stove polish.

Water will collect on both the snuffers and covers as a consequence of rain. This water should be removed in order to avoid/slow down possible corrosion.

We strongly advise against placing any of our covers, the Snuffer 85, 100 & XL and the Cover 85 and 100 alike, on their sides on hard surfaces.

How to maintain the wooden parts

Wood is a natural product and is therefore always liable to discolouration and to warp somewhat. To maintain the quality, all the wooden elements of our products can be treated with oil. Always store the wooden products indoors in a dry place with low humidity.


Same as the cooking plate, the grills should be treated with oil. To protect your grill from corrosion store it indoors.