One of the main advantages of OFYR is that the cooking unit is very easy to clean. Ours products are about simplicity and functionality. The steps below can be followed to retain the quality of your products.


How to extinguish the fire

The best way is to let the fire die out on its own. For safety reasons the flames can be covered by the Snuffer. However, the fire will only die out very slowly when the Snuffer is put on the plate, because there is still some air supply. When covering the fire for a longer period of time with the Snuffer, such will cause strong smoke formation. When then removing the Snuffer, such might lead to sudden and big flames due to sudden air supply. Hot ashes and charcoal that remain from the burned down firewood, can be covered by the Snuffer in order to avoid these to be blown away.

Always remove the ashes

Never leave wet ash and leafs in your OFYR cone.

Cleaning the cooking plate

The cooking plate can best be cleaned when still hot. When you finish cooking it is important to use a spatula to scrape off any remaining bits of food. Drizzle on oil and scrape this down again. Stubborn spots can be removed using ice cubes or sparkling water. The food rests will easily come off. Apply a final layer of oil to protect the cooking plate surface and side from corrosion.

Maintenance of the blocks

The ceramic blocks can stay outdoors all year, the wooden blocks should be stored indoors in a space with low humidity.