Do you light the fire of your OFYR all year long, or do you only bring out your OFYR in the warmer months? While the warm fire lends itself perfectly to year-round outdoor cooking, we also understand that not everyone is ready to face the winter cold. With the approach of spring, warmer days are right around the corner. What better way to celebrate the arrival of the new season than by preparing for outdoor dinner parties and culinary moments with OFYR?


Before diving into your next OFYR moment, it’s essential to ensure your cooking unit is in top-notch conditions. So high time to clear the dust off the base and empty the cone. While you are doing this, check for possible damages on each element. When your OFYR has not been used for a couple of months, rust may have formed on the cooking plate and cone. If this has happened, we recommend following the instructions in our maintenance videos to return your cooking unit to a pristine state. Is your OFYR completely clean and refreshed again? Remember to regularly oil the cooking plate in the future to protect it against the elements, even when your OFYR is not in use.


Choosing the right wood for your OFYR

When it comes to outdoor cooking, the type of wood you use can significantly impact your experience. If you need new wood in the spring, opt for dried wood with minimal bark. This choice not only produces the least amount of smoke but also provides a clean, consistent heat source in the cone. In addition, we prefer beech or ash wood for optimal wood combustion. Whether you are planning on a big dinner party or a small OFYR moment with the family, selecting the right wood sets the stage for a comfortable dining experience.

Find the perfect spot

An OFYR usually functions as a centrepiece in the garden, where people gather around the fire. As you plan for spring gatherings, consider finding the ideal location for your OFYR in the garden. Make sure the cooking unit has enough room around it and is not placed near greenery or trees. Are you in need of some extra work surface or storage space? The practical Mise en Place table has a large surface for food preparation and plenty of room for storing wood or cooking accessories. If you have a smaller garden, the OFYR Butcher Block is a more compact alternative. By adding one or two pieces of OFYR furniture to your garden, you can easily create optimal convenience for all your culinary endeavours.



Inspiration for moments around the fire

With your OFYR prepped and ready for action, it is time to start planning your next OFYR moment. From grilled meats and vegetables to delicious oven dishes, there are plenty of recipes to try out this spring. Get creative with marinades, sauces, and side dishes that fully celebrate seasonal ingredients. Feel like getting started with the tastiest OFYR dishes? Check out the recipes on our website and in the OFYR Club.