Chefs become friends
and friends become chefs

OFYR launches its Hospitality Magazine

OFYR is delighted to announce the launch of its first Hospitality Magazine: ‘Chefs Become Friends and Friends Become Chefs’! This special edition is all about chefs who cook with the OFYR cooking units in a hospitality venue. Filled with fascinating insights on outdoor cooking and creative recipes, we have high hopes that this magazine serves up a little inspiration for the hospitality industry, chefs and cooking enthusiasts.


Chefs in the spotlight

The OFYR Hospitality Magazine puts 35 chefs from all over the world in the spotlight. In their interviews, they share their vision on outdoor cooking and explain how they use an outdoor concept in a professional setting. The chefs also discuss the role of fire in their kitchen, address odes to local ingredients and describe how the OFYR cooking unit transforms the relationship with guests.

Unique concepts

This magazine introduces you to the most diverse hospitality venues that have upped the ante when it comes to outdoor cooking. For instance, we take a look at a restaurant in Spain that has two Michelin stars, reveal how a winery in Japan contributes to the regional reconstruction of an earthquake area, and show how a catering service in the Czech Republic maintains regional traditions. From restaurants and catering services to hotels and special venues, this edition shows just how versatile the hospitality industry really is.

Culinary goodness

Moving on to the food side, the magazine covers a wide range of culinary delights. The chefs show off their skills with signature OFYR dishes, sharing recipes that involve more than grilling. Through their recipes, the chefs experiment with various cooking techniques and reveal local cuisines. This collection of OFYR recipes makes the magazine the ultimate read for both aspiring and professional chefs.

OFYR on the Menu

All the chefs in the magazine are featured in OFYR on the Menu, an online guide that helps you find hospitality venues that cook with OFYR. If you want to discover the magic of OFYR or want to experience how a professional chef cooks with OFYR, you can check out the online guide in the OFYR Club.

Are you a chef and do you cook with OFYR in your hospitality venue? Sign up for OFYR on the Menu using the buttown down below.