OFYR Pizza Oven 100

If there is one outdoor cooking unit that is super popular these days, it is the pizza oven. As it is wood-fired, the OFYR cooking unit lends itself perfectly to making the most delicious pizzas. The OFYR Pizza Oven includes a practical pizza scoop, as well as a double-sided cast-iron plate topped by a pizza stone and a double steel cloche that can be closed with the rotating outer layer. The cast iron plate has ventilation holes that helps the heat circulate from the OFYR Cooking Unit to the oven, which heats the pizza up more quickly.

By turning the knob on the cloche, it is possible to regulate the size of the opening between the inner and outer layer. The further apart the layers are, the more air circulation and heat is generated. Since the knob becomes very hot, it can only be handled when wearing the OFYR heat-resistant gloves.

The pizza oven is suitable to use as a regular oven. When making pizzas, the pizza stone should be placed on the smooth side of the cast-iron plate. The textured part of the plate can be used as a grill.

The OFYR Pizza Oven is a supplement for the OFYR 85 and 100 cooking units. The grill plate for the Pizza Oven 85 and 100 has been adapted to fit the corresponding cooking unit.

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* Includes a pizza scoop.

* The pizza oven requires you to cook by feel. The oven does not include a thermometer, as the temperature can vary depending on the surroundings, the type and quantity of the used wood, and the size of the opening of the cloche.

* When a large fire is placed in the middle of the base, the heat will be focused on the centre of the oven instead of circulating around the oven. It is recommended to generate heat from the sides of the base unit for optimal heat distribution.


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Material Cast Iron & Coated Steel
Total weight 23,6 kg
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