OFYR Staub Pans Set

Consisting of a low casserole, a high casserole and a lid, this stackable OFYR Staub Pans Set is the perfect addition to the outdoor cooking experience. The cast iron easily absorbs the heat from the open fire, spreading evenly throughout the pan. Ingredients will get even more flavour when the lid is used: the textures at the bottom of the lid create a rain of aroma, that continuously sprinkles over the food. 

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* Only suitable for the OFYR cooking units.
* Suitable for use on the cooking plate, in the Pizza Oven and on the Grill.
* The black enamel on the exterior is durable and features both the OFYR and Staub logo.
* The pans can be stacked on top of each other for easy storage.
* The pans are not dishwasher safe and should be cleaned by hand.
* Use gloves when lifting the hot pans and lid.


More Information
Dimensions Ø26x12,5 cm & Ø26x8,5 cm
Material Cast Iron
Total weight 8,5 kg