OFYR Rotisserie set

What is better than cooking large pieces of meat or poultry directly above the fire? For barbecue lovers who love cooking on a spit, this OFYR Rotisserie Set is a dream come true! This set is suitable for the OFYR 85 and 100 cooking units. It consists of 2 solid stainless steel stands, which are ingeniously fixed onto the cooking plate. The two poles are connected with a stainless steel tube (there's a different tube for the 85 and 100 models), for extra stability. The set also includes a skewer with swivel hook, 2x large and 2x small clamps for meat and poultry, and an S-hook on which you can hang a pan.

The materials of the Rotisserie Set get very hot because of the open fire. It is always recommended to operate the Set with the heat-resistant OFYR Gloves.

Now available with a Rotisserie Motor to make it even easier to cook with the Rotisserie Set. 

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* Delivered with S-hook to which a dutch oven can be hung.
* The Rotisserie Set is operated by hand and is not fitted with a motor.
* Must be installed before lighting the fire.
* When the cooking plate heats up, the screws that clamp the set to the plate must be tightened. Always use heat-resistant gloves.


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