The Pizza Oven
is the trend of this summer

Baking pizzas in your own garden is becoming more and more popular

The past few years, cooking enthusiasts have begun to look to their own garden for culinary inspiration. Homeowners everywhere continue to search for unique ways to differentiate their outdoor space. One accessory that has grown in popularity because of this: the pizza oven. 


In 2021, OFYR developed a special Pizza Oven that could be used in combination with her cooking units. This wood-fired oven reaches temperatures up to 300°C, allowing users to easily bake their favourite dishes. From a pizza stone to a dual-layered steel cloche, this unit has all the elements you need to bake traditional pizzas in your own garden.

Versatility in the outdoor kitchen

The OFYR pizza oven is not just popular because of its ability to reach high temperatures and its short baking time: its versatility is also highly appreciated. Apart from an oven, this unit also functions as a griddle and grill. This makes it ideal to bake, grill, stew and smoke - perfect to fully enjoy your outdoor kitchen this summer.

Until 31 July 2022, the OFYR Pizza Oven is available with a Limited Edition pizza box, filled with the new OFYR Pizza Oven Cookbook and a set of gloves. Find a store near you using our Store Locator.

Cookbook with tips & tricks

Erik Sterckx, a professional chef, and OFYR created a special cookbook for the pizza oven. “Its name doesn’t do the pizza oven any justice,” Erik shares. “That’s why we want to show you that you can use the oven to prepare desserts, oven dishes or even fresh veggies and fish.” With the 18 recipes in this cookbook, Erik hopes to inspire OFYR lovers to make the most of their pizza oven. Preview the first pages of the cookbook down below, or order a copy in the OFYR Club.


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