The best 5 OFYR
Father's Day Gifts


Are you looking for an impressive Father's Day gift for the real barbecue lover? From a cooking unit or a practical grill to a cookbook or a rotisserie set, you're guaranteed to find what you're looking for at OFYR this Father's Day.

To get you started, we have put together some special gift ideas for you. With these tips, you can spoil your father with a special and meaningful gift. 

OFYR Classic Corten

Prepare the most delicious meals in your own garden with the OFYR Classic Corten Cooking Unit. Light the fire and have a great day together. These Classic models are also available in black. For added convenience, there is also a version on wheels so that you can easily move the cooking unit.

Grill Round

The OFYR Grill is ideal for preparing large cuts of meat, fish and vegetables over the fire, giving them a delicious smoky flavour. The OFYR Grill increases the cooking surface without taking up any space on the hob. This makes it easy to prepare several dishes at the same time.  The grill is available in sizes 85, 100 and XL.

Leather Apron

The leather apron is the perfect gift for Father's Day. Besides making every cooking enthusiast look like a professional chef, the apron also provides protection from the heat and stains of cooking.

Gloves Brown

Besides giving a professional look using the leather apron, these gloves really complete the ultimate picture. With these heat-resistant gloves, you can easily add wood to the fire and remove accessories from the cooking unit without risk.

Pizza Oven

Jump into the Italian outdoor kitchen and make delicious pizzas with the OFYR Pizza Oven. In addition to a pizza stone and a practical cloche, you will also receive a free Pizza Scoop with this oven. Need some inspiration for your Father's Day dinner? Then check out the different Pizza Oven recipes in the OFYR Club.

Of course, Father's Day is about much more than just giving luxurious gifts. So make it an unforgettable day and enjoy the beauty around the fire of OFYR.