Take more time to simply be together and share a taste of the good things in life: gather round the new OFYR Tabl’O. Compact, efficient and elegant: OFYR Tabl’O is the ideal outdoor table grill for cooking healthy and delicious meals for 2 - 6 people. The stylish OFYR Tabl’O ensures a wonderful, carefree evening. With the convenience of having your cooking unit at your table, you can easily prepare a meal together with your friends and family. Smell, taste and feel the joy of an exceptional outdoor cooking experience on coconut briquettes, whether you are enjoying vegetables, fish or meat. Take time for real food, real connection and real time together.


We introduced our newest product OFYR Tabl’O last year. Why? Tabl’O’s unique, clean design means it fits anywhere - a terrace, balcony or garden - and looks great too. It is designed for both style and excellent functionality. Tabl’O makes it possible to enjoy the outdoor cooking experience of OFYR even if you do not have a large garden or no garden at all. Of course, quality is assured. Tabl’O’s 40 cm cast iron cooking plate can be used on both sides, one flat and one griddle, to give you multiple cooking options. The Tabl’O cooking plate is suitable for temperatures up to 250°C and the cooking plate is certified for food preparation.


So, how does it work? OFYR Tabl’O is fueled by Coconut Briquettes. They are exceptionally efficient: they give great heat, are long-burning (2-3 hours) and create minimal smoke, minimal odour and very limited waste. They are compact and 100% sustainable, made from the residual waste of coconuts.

These briquettes can be lit using the Quick Starter, included with OFYR Tabl’O. You stack up to 16 briquettes in the Quick Starter, depending on how long you want to grill, and you are to go in 30 minutes. Once the briquettes are hot, you place them with the Quick Starter in the Tabl’O and you spread them out using the included Tool. Then place the cooking plate using the included Tool. Tabl’O’s special design makes it easy to cook tasty and healthy food as it produces high and even temperatures. Food which retains its flavour and texture as you need very little oil to cook.


Are you intrigued? We are happy to explain to you more about our OFYR Tabl’O table grill.

Please contact info@ofyr.com for more information.