Can I use other briquettes than coconut briquettes?

Yes, you can, however, it is recommended to use coconut briquettes. Coconot briquettes hardly smoke and do not smell. Coconut briquettes are better for the environment as they are made 100% from natural waste products from the coconut milk industry. Due to the much higher calorific value and innovative shape, coconut briquettes burn three times longer and achieve a higher temperature than charcoal. Coconut briquettes also stay stable, making them easy to rearrange even after many hours, without the glowing coals decaying.

We have our own OFYR Coconut Briquettes that can be purchased with your OFYR Tabl’O.

How many OFYR Coconut Briquettes should I use?

It is recommended to use 16 coconut briquettes.

How do I regulate the airflow of the OFYR Tabl'O?

To regulate the airflow: turn the inner container to open or close the air vents in the outer container. Use the tool to turn the inner container to the desired position.

How do I regulate the temperature of the OFYR Tabl'O?

There are two factors you can influence to regulate the temperature of the cooking plate: the airflow and the number of briquettes.

Where do I store my OFYR Tabl’O?

During winter we recommend storing the OFYR Tabl’O in a dry and unheated space.