A chef’s testimonial

Discover how OFYR fits in chef Sang Hoon Degeimbre's restaurant concept.


Expectations when visiting a hotel or restaurant have dramatically changed. Excellent service and excellent food have become the standard. Nowadays it is the experience factor that counts. For offering a smashing outdoor experience to their guests, OFYR has become the chefs new best friend by offering show cooking optima forma.

Huge versatility and large capacity

But OFYR is not only about show cooking, it is also a super versatile cooking device that offers a huge cooking capacity. The large surface of the plancha like cooking plate can be used for meat, fish and vegetables at the same time. With the grill and skewers many real grilling features can be added. Most chefs using OFYR for the first time, are astonished what cooking opportunities this apparently simple, woodfired cooking device does offer.


OFYR has also become the standard tool of many catering companies. Whether it is a wedding, an anniversary or another type of event, OFYR will always be one of the main points of attention. At a wedding there is always the risk that OFYR is more photographed than the bride :)

For these occasions there is next to the regular OFYR devices the OFYR XL or the OFYR Trailer, which is a mobile version of the XL. Two chefs can easily work on the XL at the same time.

Connecting people

The main reasons though why OFYR works so well at events, are the experience and social factors. The skills of many other grills are on the inside of the device, so nothing can be observed. With OFYR it is exactly the opposite, everything can be observed. An event is about bringing people together, getting closer to each other and experiencing something special together. This is exactly what OFYR stands for. You can have your guests prepare something delicious themselves or a have chef show grilling while interacting with the crowd. Either way, by gathering around the fire you start to open up and become intrigued by the cooking unit.


Also OFYRs new family member called Tabl’O does fill a need with the hospitality business. With this new and beautiful outdoor table grill fueled by coco briquettes, which do not smoke and are odorless, many different concepts can be thought of. Guests who collect their food from a buffet and grill the food at the table themselves. A chef that prepares the food on the grill at the table etc. Tabl’O has clearly brought table grilling to the next level.

Want to know more?

Looking to upgrade the experience factor of your outdoor facility? OFYR brings warmth, cosiness and delicious foods to any outdoor space. The social factor and the diversity in cooking techniques our cooking units offer make it the perfect addition to any event or restaurant. Contact us now if your interest is sparked.

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