The OFYR Cage is the perfect accessory for professionals who love to show cook. Its dome-like structure allows food to be suspended from the steel beams, creating a unique and interactive visual element. The heat from the fire slowly cooks ingredients, from meat and fish to fruits and vegetables. Since the Cage is secured on the outer edge of the plate, the cooking surface remains free to prepare other dishes. Ingredients can be suspended from the beams with skewers and s-hooks. 

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* Available for the OFYR Cooking Unit PRO+ and the OFYR XL.  
* The ideal unit for professional use and show cooking.  
* Must be installed onto the cooking unit before lighting the fire.  
* Attached to the cooking plate with special clamps and bolts.  
* Suitable for fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.  
* Can be used with skewers and S-hooks.  


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Dimensions 150x150x119 cm
Material Black Steel