OFYR is about more than a cooking unit. 

The brand embodies a new lifestyle of creating and enjoying outdoor cooking moments. Over the past 5 years, numerous OFYR owners worldwide have discovered the warmth of OFYR. Today we want to take that experience a step further, by launching the OFYR Club. This mobile application makes the most out of outdoor cooking and embodies the community of OFYR owners worldwide.


Register your OFYR and get started

OFYR Owners can access the app via . As a starting point, they can register their OFYR products, this way they benefit from enhanced support and warranty. When registering a first OFYR Cooking Unit, the new member receives an OFYR welcome gift.


Enriching your OFYR experience

The OFYR Club contains an impressive collection of recipes. Both the favourites from popular publications, such as the OFYR cookbook and OFYR Workshops, and unpublished gems. You can select any OFYR moment: from breakfast to dessert and get inspiration right away, or choose if you feel like fish, fancy some veggies or rather meat.

Any favourites? Add them to your personal collection and find them back easily upon your next OFYR moment!


Maintenance and tips specifically for your OFYR products

Per product, the relevant maintenance videos, specific tips and related accessories are shown. That way, we ensure you have access to what matters for your OFYR experience, at any time.


More features expected this year

Enriching the world of OFYR carries away our enthusiasm! This is why we continue to build new features in the application, inspired by our member’s wishes and feedback. Keep an eye on the app regularly, as we will release new functionalities in the coming months!

Discover the OFYR Club today via