The brands OFYR, The Bastard, Grill Guru and Grizzly Grill will continue together

OFYR has always aimed to create a full outdoor kitchen concept. We started with our cooking units, but along the way we have added furniture, workspaces, kamado tables, accessories and tools for various cooking techniques.

This year, we have decided to join forces with 200° Fahrenheit. Thanks to this merger and our shared passion for outdoor cooking and innovation, we will be able to take the outdoor kitchen concept to new levels.


200° Fahrenheit sells kamado style barbecues, producing ceramic barbecues with three brands: The Bastard, Grill Guru and Grizzly Grills. They also offer a large range of complementary accessories, adjacent products, burnables and other cooking techniques.

OFYR embodies the art of outdoor cooking, producing cooking units that transform a solitary activity into a shared experience. Over the years, the assortment has been expanded with outdoor furniture, cooking applications and accessories.


When combined, 200° Fahrenheit and OFYR is able to offer a complete cooking experience in a uniform style, where slow cooking meets show cooking like never before. Our merge allows us to provide even more cooking techniques and create innovative outdoor cooking products. Imagine slow cooking a piece of meat on a Bastard barbecue, while vegetables are quickly grilled à la plancha on the OFYR. A 360° cooking experience in your own backyard, at your local restaurant or at an event.


Together with 200° Fahrenheit, we look forward to creating more moments around the fire.