We've added new features to our app. 

In 2021, we launched our mobile application: OFYR Club. This platform adds an extra dimension to outdoor cooking and showcases the community of OFYR owners around the world. We’ve updated the app with some new features to further enrich your OFYR experience!


OFYR on the Menu

Have you always wanted to see how a professional chef cooks with OFYR? Or have you never cooked with OFYR and are you curious what food from the OFYR tastes like? OFYR on the Menu presents an overview of all type of businesses that cook with OFYR. With this feature in the app, you can find restaurants, catering services or hotels all over the world for the ultimate OFYR experience in a professional setting.

Are you a chef and do you cook with OFYR? Register your company today and get featured on our menu!



Invite friends and family over for an OFYR moment with the new e-cards. Write a message in the app, send it to your friends and the invitation will automatically be send via email.

Proof of purchase

Do you have unexpected problems with your OFYR? Or do you have questions about the warranty of your products, and do you need a receipt? With this update, you’ll always have access to your proof of purchase in the OFYR Club app.


Product showroom

Are you new to OFYR and do you want to take a quick look at our products? Or do you already have a cooking unit and are you interested in expanding your collection? With the product showroom in the app, you can easily browse through all OFYR products.


Register for the OFYR Club

Create an account for the OFYR Club to get access to exclusive content and benefits. Register your products, try out the newest recipes and read the latest news.

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