This cookbook is an ode to the OFYR cooking unit. The name OFYR is a fusion of “FYR”, the original word for ‘fire’, and the letter “O”, symbolising the circular form of the steel plate that surrounds the flames. When combined, OFYR represents the unique way fire is used to prepare food and create unforgettable memories. Being versatile, easy to use and above all inspiring, OFYR serves as kindling for the culinary imagination and fuel for social interaction.

With a large collection of recipes, chef Guy Weyts offers you all the ingredients you need to get the most out of your OFYR experience, all year round. From finger food to desserts, these surprising – and often surprisingly simple – dishes put heart-warming moments, great company and authentic cuisine back on the menu.

This cookbook also introduces the 8 complementary OFYR Spice Mixtures. Guy Weyts has made each blend with love, ensuring that they enhance the natural flavours of your favourite ingredients and help you transform any dish into a masterpiece. In combination with the recipes, these mixtures provide a solid basis for your future OFYR endeavours. All you have to do is enjoy the flavours of the world!


Peppery Salt Spice Mixture OFYR Cookbook NO2 Tasty Veggie Spice Mixture OFYR Cookbook NO2 Poseidon Spice Mixture OFYR Cookbook NO2 Ocean Diver Spice Mixture OFYR Cookbook NO2 Azul Spice Mixture OFYR Cookbook NO2 Souk Spice Mixture OFYR Cookbook NO2 Meat Muscle Spice Mixture OFYR Cookbook NO2 Smokey Spice Mixture OFYR Cookbook NO2


Peppery Salt

Peppery Salt is a real hero among the spice mixtures, providing a good base for every dish. Using a blend of different and high-quality salts and peppers, it has become the perfect seasoning. It combines different textures, like whole piment corns and ground Sichuan pepper, to stimulate all senses. The included Pyramid Salt is a work of art in and of itself: its distinctive shape, light texture and mild taste add an exquisite finishing touch to any meat, fish, fruit or vegetable. The result: a mixture that you will use every day, in combination with every dish and spice mixture.



Tasty Veggie

After using this mixture, everyone will finish their vegetables. Once you take a bite of any ingredient covered in this blend, you will get a hint of spiciness that mixes with the natural flavour of the vegetable. For this mix, I have used both spices and vegetables to create a complete palette of flavours. Ingredients like shallot flakes, leek powder and onion powder enhance natural flavours, resulting in the most delicious and balanced dishes.




Like its namesake, this mixture is the king of the sea. It complements all types of fish and has a large range of flavours. The scents of the lemon, fennel and spicy sage add freshness to the blend, while the unexpected addition of cinnamon adds a little bit of spice to the mix. Each flavour has a purpose, like how the sweetness of the cane sugar balances out the briny tang and saltiness of the capers. The spice mixture is completed with a small amount of nutmeg and cloves, creating a welcoming and warm aroma.



Ocean Diver

This mixture brings the flavours of the ocean together in a polished way. This combination of flavours is big, powerful, and colourful – exactly what an ingredient like shellfish deserves. Whatever shellfish dish you are planning on making, it can’t go without a generous pinch of Ocean Diver. With ingredients like turmeric, sage, oregano, thyme, salt and pepper, it adds a deepness and freshness to your favourite recipes. Butter and olive oil bring out the best of Ocean Diver, enriching each individual flavour.




When hearing this name, you might at once associate it with the colour blue. For me, this name represents the Mediterranean kitchen. The mixture has the scent of lemon, thyme, rosemary, garlic and even has a hint of a sea breeze thanks to the use of nori. With unique ingredients like nori, tomato flakes and crushed capers, this mixture has an incredibly rich palette of which a little goes a long way.




The meaning of the word Souk is an 'Arab market or a bazaar'. Imagine this place, the colours, the fragrances, the textures. Almost every spice that the Arabic cuisine is known for, is included in this mixture. The combination of ingredients like turmeric, cumin, sesame seeds and fennel seeds create a deep and nutty aroma. The addition of an unusual herb like lemon grass adds a citrus flavour, that is slightly sweet, tangy and which gives the mix a mild bite.



Meat Muscle

The name of this mixture speaks for itself. It is the muscle behind your favourite meat recipes, but also tastes amazing with your favourite vegetables. This blend can only be described with the superlatives powerful, meaty, plump and zesty. The combination of spices like mustard seeds, ginger and smoky paprika, form an explosion of flavours and textures. The savoury flavours in Meatmuscle are balanced with the sweetness of lavender and cane sugar, making this a well-rounded spice mixture.




When cooking with the OFYR, it’s natural for dishes to get a smoky flavour from the open fire. Smokey enhances these flavours in a subtle way, adding even more depth to your dishes. The smoked paprika and oregano add those warm flavours, whereas the cane sugar adds a hint of sweetness to your ingredients. Lovage root has been added as well, for its strong celery scent and its warm, aromatic taste.