Buffadoo Set Brown

The Buffadoo set comprises a beautifully made blowpipe and sturdy steel tongs/poker with a matching stand. The blowpipe features a leather grip and silicon mouthpiece, and is used to direct oxygen into the OFYR to increase flames and minimise smoke after igniting. The tongs/poker make it easy to add more wood once the fire is burning well. Available in brown and black coated steel with brown and black leather grips.

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* Some smoke is inevitable when stoking a fire.
* With the help of the Buffadoo blowpipe, the production of smoke can be greatly reduced.
* Thanks to the patented technology, no smoke can be inhaled through the Buffadoo. There can only be blown.
* With the handy tong/poker you can manage your fire perfectly.
* When not in use, store clean and covered in the holder.


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Dimensions 14x16x80 cm
Material Aluminium and Steel
Total weight 2,3 kg