Outdoor cooking is no longer exclusively a summer activity.

Every year we count down to the start of summer, so we are once again able to enjoy a delicious meal from the barbecue or grill while enjoying the warm weather. During those months we spend most of our time outdoors, only to retreat back inside our homes once the weather gets colder.

But why do we only enjoy the outdoors for a couple of months a year? An outdoor kitchen is the place to be, regardless of the season – a space where you can spend time with friends and family, even when the weather is getting colder.

Continue reading for tips on how to start enjoying your outdoor kitchen all year long.


1. Multifunctional: cooking unit and heat source in one

An outdoor kitchen is so much more than just a cooking unit: with OFYR it becomes a pleasant source of warmth as well.

The design of the OFYR cooking units encourages people to gather around the fire and start cooking together. Get seduced by the flames, and spend a cosy afternoon or evening around the fire with family and friends.


The OFYR Classic 100 invites people to cook a meal together around the fire. Thanks to its large grill surface, it is possible to cook for 15 to 20 people at once.

Recommended retail price: €2.245,00

2. Maximise daylight exposure

After summer, days start getting shorter again, resulting in less exposure to sunlight. By spending more time outdoors, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of daylight exposure. Use your outdoor kitchen on colder days to enjoy the sunlight as long as possible.

Special heat lamps (e.g from Heatsail) are an ideal solution for those shorter days in autumn and winter. Not only do these lamps provide some much-needed light, but they also give off heat. This way you can spend even more time outdoors, extending your afternoon get-together into a culinary evening around the OFYR.

 Pictured: Heat lamp from Heatsail.

3. Combine outdoor activities with conviviality

If you live in a country with warm weather all year round, it is easy to plan sporty outdoor activities all year long. In areas that have all four seasons, however, outdoor activities often become scarce once the weather turns colder.

People who really love the outdoor lifestyle, can stay motivated and active by combining an outdoor activity with conviviality. For example, follow up a day of biking with an al fresco dinner. Around the fire of the OFYR, there is plenty of opportunity to relax, and to reward yourself for your efforts of the day with a nutritious and delicious meal.

4. Bringing the indoors outside

Do not let the weather affect your outdoor experience! Rain or shine, a canopy or pergola allows you to enjoy your outdoor kitchen all year long. Add cushions, blankets and lights to create a real living room feeling. By bringing the indoors outside, an evening with family and friends is transformed into a completely new outdoor experience.

Pictured: Camargue louvered pergola from Renson.

5. Seasonal recipes

Fresh ingredients transform a simple dish into a true chef-worthy food. Cook exquisite autumn and winter dishes by using seasonal ingredients like pumpkin and beef stew. With the OFYR Casserole Set, it is easy to give a new twist to the standard stew or casserole.

Hutsepot (Flemish hotchpotch) with Duke of Berkshire

This hotchpotch is the perfect dish for cold days. The flavours of the winter vegetables blend beautifully with the savoury flavour of the Duke of Berkshire pork ribs.  

Need more inspiration? OFYR Club members have access to the most exquisite recipes in the OFYR Club app. The recipes apply different cooking techniques, so no outdoor cooking experience is the same.