Cooking plate diameter Ø 85 cm Ø 100 cm

Cooking plate surface

0,44 m2 0,55 m2
Number of persons (hamburgers, satay, etc.)  30-40 50-60
Number of persons (complete meal) 10-12* 15-20*
Duration of heating in summer 20-25 min 25-30 min
Duration of heating in winter 40-50 min 45-60 min
Wood use 1 to 1½ OFYR Woodbags** 1½ to 2 OFYR Woodbags**
Time until cone needs to be emptied 4-5 hours 9-11 hours


*Depends on the chef’s experience **Volume of 72 litres, based on the use of harder woods such as oak or beech



The following criteria are relevant when choosing between the 85 and 100 models.


OFYR cooking units are voluminous, so a significant amount of space is required. Therefore, the 85 model is slightly more convenient than the 100 cooking units, although the difference is not that big. The 85 cooking unit might look more proportional to some.


The cooking surface of the OFYR is in any case larger compared to traditional barbecues. The number of persons that can be served depends on the dishes. For simple meals, such as hamburgers, satays, etc. is the 85 plate sufficient for 30-40 people and the 100 plate for 50-60 people. If you want to cook an extensive dinner, then 10-12 for the 85 plate and 15-20 for the 100 plate applies. By which, the number of persons increases with the chef’s experience.


All cooking accessories are available for both the 85 and 100 cooking units, except the Brazilian Grill (only for the 100 version).


Both appliances are eye catchers on your terrace or in your garden. They both have a large cooking plate and cooking on both appliances is convenient. Both appliances create a unique atmosphere and being together around the OFYR usually leads to strong connections.



OFYR 85 OFYR 100
  • Slightly smaller than the 100
  • Slightly bigger than the 85, heats up slightly slower
  • Temperature difference between the inside and outside of the plate is small
  • The temperature difference between the inside and outside of the plate is approximately 100°C, resulting in different heat zones
  • Plate surface is 20% smaller than with 100 models, which means you can cook fewer things at once
  • Plate surface is 20% larger than with the 85 models, which means that there are more cooking options.
  • Mainly used for private individuals
  • Often used by professional chefs
  • Ashes fill the cone of the 85 after 4-5 hours and need be emptied for longer use
  • The cone of the 100 can be used for 9-11 hours without needing to be emptied
  • The 85 uses fewer wood than the 100
  • The 100 uses more wood than the 85



Professional chefs and food caterers might be looking for even more cooking capacity than the 100 models offer. For this purpose, the OFYR XL and the OFYR Trailer (a mobile version of the OFYR XL) are developed. The diameter of the plate is 150cm. On these appliances, you can cook for large groups.