OFYR Kamado Table Black 135 PRO Teak Wood KJ

Expand your OFYR outdoor kitchen with an OFYR Kamado Table Black 135 PRO KJ; a table for your Kamado grill. The table provides a solid foundation for your grill, is easy to move around and has space for mise en place. The additional storage space is handy to store your accessories. A Kamado grill is perfect for slow meat cooking. Kamado grills hold heat and smoke inside, which has an incredible impact on the food’s flavor. When the meat is properly cooked, you finish your dish grilling on OFYR – from slow-cooking to show-cooking. Suitable for the Kamado Joe Classic II. The chopping board is only available in teak wood.

Please note that the grill is not included.

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Dimensions 165x65x90 cm
Dimensions Base 135x65x68 cm
Dimensions tabletop 65x135x10 cm
Material Black Coated Steel
Storage capacity 0,25 m³