OFYR started in 2015 with the launch of a single product: the OFYR Classic cooking unit. It was impossible to imagine how many different groups, from hobby chefs to professionals, would embrace OFYR. Ever since, we have continuously developed new products in order to create the complete outdoor kitchen solution. We created an upgraded product line specifically for our professional customers. We started with making them easier to move around by adding wheels and a handle. Now, we’ve expanded this line to include more products.



It can be hugely beneficial to have a cooking unit that can be moved easily, for example when the wind suddenly turns. Our PRO-line is ideal - and not just for professionals; private users can enjoy this convenience as well. Last year, we introduced the highly popular OFYR Island 100 PRO and Mise en Place Table PRO 135 x 65. Now, we have added the OFYR Classic Storage 100 PRO cooking unit, as well as the smaller Mise en Place Table PRO 65 x 65. The wooden boards of the Island PRO and the Mise en Place Tables PRO are upgraded to the much stronger teak wood versions and, of course, the dark grey ceramic version is also available. Both units are profoundly practical in use due to their compact size. On top of that, all the PRO-line units, new and existing, are now also offered in black-coated steel.


Modular outdoor kitchen in OFYR style: Kamado Table

Slow-cooking in a kamado oven and the versatile show-cooking on OFYR have turned out to be a match made in heaven. Many kamado owners have expressed interest in an OFYR-styled working table that integrates their kamado. The result is the OFYR Kamado Table PRO. The table has the same features as the other PRO-line products and facilitates the use of multiple cooking devices in within the same unique outdoor kitchen space. The table is available in both Corten and black-coated steel.

The tables are suitable for the Kamado Joe II and Big Green Egg Large, neither are included with the table.


Are you intrigued? We are happy to explain to you more about our PRO-line.

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