OFYR Winter Maintenance Guide

Everything you need to know about the maintenance of your OFYR in the winter

Winter is often characterised by humid weather conditions, sometimes even accompanied by strong winds and storms. With the following tips, you will learn how to maintain your OFYR to enjoy your cooking all year long. 



  • It is important to regularly oil the cooking plate of your OFYR. We recommend using vegetable oil or a pancoating spray every fortnight. 
  • Protect your OFYR against outside influences with the Cover, Snuffer or Soft Cover. In case of strong winds, we recommend putting some extra weight on your Cover or Soft Cover.
  • Even when using a protective cover, it is important to regularly oil the cooking plate. Moisture can build up between the plate and the cover, which can lead to corrosion when the cooking plate is not oiled regularly. 


  • The ashtray of the OFYR PRO collection needs to be emptied regularly. When water gathers in the tray, it should be removed as soon as possible. Water accumulation can cause corrosion like flaking in the Corten units and rust formation in the Black units.
  • Do you have an OFYR Storage of OFYR Island? Make sure the outside of the cone is kept clean. This way, rainwater can drain off along the sides.
  • Remove ashes, charcoal residue and (wet) leaves from the cone to prevent corrosion. 

Protective covers

  • To prevent fading of the coating, it is recommended to regularly treat the Cover and Snuffer with a wax.
  • Treat the wooden handles with oil to prevent them from drying out. 


  • Always store teak wood accessories (like the Fire Guard Ring) in a dry place after use. 
  • Clean other accessories like the OFYR Tabl'O, Pizza Oven, Grill, cookware and clothing after every use. After cleaning, store the accessories in a dry place.


of the cooking plate

of the Corten Base

of the Black Base