OFYR is designed for your finest moments with friends and family. The team at OFYR is united by a shared vision of people reconnecting with each other. Today’s technology offers endless ways of contacting each other, but we can still feel disconnected. All of us can escape this hectic, fast-paced world by returning to our roots: sharing food and stories around the fire. The heat of flames awakens a primal desire to gather around not only to get warm, but also to unwind. Taking time to prepare a meal with family and friends allows you to spend time with your loved ones. These moments encourage real conversations. OFYR products are designed around this philosophy. OFYR transforms ideas about cooking outdoors. Rather than one person solitary operating the barbeque, everyone can join you.

Think of a moment when you felt happy, like you belonged. Did this occasion involve your friends and family at your home by any chance? Most likely, yes. It may even have included food and warmth. At OFYR, we think they all go together pretty well. Have we not all shared a summer evening laughing, sharing stories with friends? Picture a lovely evening with snacks on the table, drinks in the cooler, and a feeling of closeness to each other.

When you think of cooking outdoors, you usually think of a warm summer evening. Aren’t the colder days, though, the time we truly need some warmth? A cosy evening by the fireplace sounds like the perfect winter evening to us. The plate of OFYR cooking units radiate heat across a radius of up to two meters, making it possible to cook and entertain outdoors even in the colder months. During the winter, we cosy up with a hot drink and food that warms the soul. OFYR helps create these moments in the summer and the winter.