5 Best gift ideas for ofyr owners

Have you considered barbecuing or outdoor cooking for the upcoming holidays? If there’s an OFYR owner amongst your friends or family, we suggest lighting up the fire for warm moments, lots of fun and plenty of outdoor goodness. Before the party starts, let’s help you with finding the perfect gift for any bbq-lover with an OFYR.

Here are five Christmas or holiday gift ideas that any OFYR lover will like:


1. OFYR Food Bumper

The perfect gift under 50 euros. The uniquely shaped plate of the OFYR has a slight downwards tilt towards the fire to drain excess juices and fat. While very practical, this can also cause small tomatoes, potatoes or delicious festive scallops rolling or sliding into the fire pit. With this indispensable tool, that's a thing of the past! The OFYR Food Bumper is available for the OFYR 85 and 100 models. Expect lots of delight when unwrapping!

2. OFYR Pizza Oven

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy pizza (ovens)! With the addition of the Pizza Oven for an OFYR 85 or 100, you truly have the most versatile outdoor cooking unit. Simply place the oven on your OFYR and start baking: from perfect homemade pizzas to cakes, breads and casseroles. The OFYR Pizza Oven is easy to install and you can get started right away with the recipes available in the OFYR Club.

Warning: you might end up with a pizza party instead of your planned Christmas dinner!

3. OFYR Soft Cover

For OFYR units that stay outside all winter, it’s important to take good care of it. As you can read in our Winter Maintenance Guide, the cooking plate should be oiled regularly and ashes need to be removed out of the cone.

For full protection, we recommend the OFYR Soft Cover: it fully covers the cooking plate and it’s a present under 50 euros. The perfect gift to put under the Christmas tree!

4. OFYR Leather Apron

You’re planning on bringing the party outdoors, the food will be prepared on the OFYR and everybody has decided to dress up. All that’s left to do is making sure the chef is dressed to perfection too. With the OFYR Apron, this shouldn’t be a problem! Any cooking enthusiast will love this apron because it offers heat protection and makes you look like a professional chef.

5. Cast Iron Casserole Set

Once you discover the beauty and qualities of cast iron, there’s no going back! This set with two different-sized pans is ideal for preparing dishes on the OFYR or in the pizza oven. Sauces, side dishes, crumbles, or bread – the possibilities are endless. This gift is characterised by its sleek design and ideal heat distribution. Be prepared to missing your fellow OFYR enthusiast as he or she will spend hours outside, experimenting with all the different cooking techniques!

Do you know a lover of outdoor cooking who’d love to own an OFYR if it weren’t for their small outdoor space? Get them an OFYR Tabl’O: compact, efficient and elegant! It’s perfect for intimate dinners with a small group of friends, while still imparting that full outdoor vibe. And the best thing? This month you can give your loved one the full experience: an OFYR Tabl’O, a placemat and 6 boxes of coconut briquettes, all in one package.