OFYR Cooking Units

OFYR Cooking Units

If you are looking for a wood fired versatile alternative to a traditional barbecue, OFYR cooking units will offer you a unique outdoor cooking experience. Thanks to its iconic shape, people gather around the fire, making the chef part of the group. Be prepared for unequalled conviviality.

The OFYR cooking unit is the most versatile outdoor cooking unit available. With a cooking plate diameter of 85cm (capacity for 6-12 persons) or 100cm (capacity for 10-16 persons) there is a choice for everyone. To help you choose between an OFYR 85 or OFYR 100, all differences and similarities are listed in this choice guide . Both cooking plates enable you to cook and serve meat, fish and vegetables at the same time. When using our accessories, many other cooking techniques can be added to your outdoor kitchen, such as grilling, preparing pizza in a real pizza oven, roasting on a spit or baking bread.

The OFYR Classic is our base cooking unit. If you desire to stock your logs close-by, the OFYR Classic Storage is the most ideal choice. The OFYR Island combines the best of three worlds and offers you a complete outdoor kitchen with a cooking plate, wood storage and a working space area to prepare your meal.

If you are looking for more mobility, or if you want to use OFYR for professional purposes, the OFYR PRO line might be an interesting alternative to the classic line. 

The OFYR cooking units are available in both corten steel and in black-coated steel.

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